Hair masks – ideal cosmetics?

Hair masks are only a small part of a large group of cosmetics especially designed for scalp and hair care. We can distinguish a number of products in this category, such as, conditioners, shampoos, mousses, serums and many more. However, it seems that masks are the best products to reinforce and regenerate damaged hair. Why is it so?

Hair masks penetrate your hair very deeply, all the way into their structure. At the same time they take care of them from the inside, making your hair moisturised, nourished and healthy. What is more, hair bulbs also take advantage of it because active ingredients are provided. Hair masks usually leave a protective coating on the surface of your hair. This is a great protection against harmful solar radiation, pollution and dangerous substances. Additionally, hair masks are able to permanently deal with most of the problems that other conditioners simply cannot. In order to enjoy fantastic results, make sure to use your masks regularly.

The special factor that characterises masks is the thing that “sits” inside. Of course, we are talking about the ingredients. All masks contain much more nutritional supplements than any other cosmetics in this category. What is more, they also contain specific substances that are responsible for the transport of other ingredients into the hair and scalp. These substances include, in particular, glycerine or alcohol. Due to the high content of nutrients, hair masks have much thicker consistency. This kind of formula also helps the product to “stay” on the hair, does not run and does not stain your skin or clothing.

Hair masks are usually more expensive than other supplements especially designed for hair care. Why? It is probably connected with the fact that they contain more nutrients and offer better performance during the treatment. Hair masks should be left on your hair for about 30 minutes, while regular conditioners must be washed off after a couple of minutes. How often should you apply the mask to the hair depends only on the condition of the strands and scalp, and how often you wash your head. It is worth remembering that the conditioner will never replace a mask, however, masks can replace conditioners. A good tip is to use a few cosmetics from the same series. This way you can nourish your hair even more effectively.

Why masks are so important when it comes to the care of hair and scalp? You can easily compare them to food. They provide your hair with strength, beautiful appearance, prevent hair loss and oiliness. Other cosmetics have only a superficial effect – they give a good visual result, but do not penetrate into the deeper structures of hair and unfortunately, they do not have any major impact. If your strands and scalp are in need of restoration, it is essential to try out rich hair masks.